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Staff List

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr J Gabrielides                         Interim Headteacher

Mr A. Harris                                  Deputy Headteacher


In the classroom: 

Miss S. Luttrell                              Reception Class Teacher

Miss A. Harrop                              Year One Class Teacher

Miss S. Taylor                                 Year Two Class Teacher

Mrs A. Fox/Mrs A. Van Hecke    Year Three Class Teachers

Mr A. Harris                                    Year Four Class Teacher

Mrs S. Burns                                   Year Five Class Teacher

Mrs P. Dunkin                                Year Six Class Teacher 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Rogan               HLTA           

Mrs A. Stubbs *           

Mrs T. O'Brien * 

Mrs C. Oldham *    

Miss R. Kay * 

Mrs M. Holgate * 


In our office 

Mrs S. Dewhurst          School Business Manager

Mrs L. Badham            Office Administrator

Miss N. Daly                   Administrator


Looking after us at lunchtime: 

Mrs L. Worrall *             Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs C. Rasul * 

Mrs G. Merten   


At Before/After School Club:

Mrs M. Burdaky * 

Mrs B. Brogan

Miss McGee

Mrs C. Rasul*


Providing our school meals:

Mrs S. Bateman

Ms B. Ellis

Mrs S. Walsh


Looking after our building:

Mr T. Conheeny

Ms. D. Lekkoduch

Ms S. Perkins


= First Aider