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Meet the Governors

The Governing Body is a group of volunteers elected by parents and staff at the school and also nominated by the Bury Local Authority.  Working closely with the Headteacher, the Body has the responsibility for raising school standards through key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. 

The full Governing Body meets once per term (as a minimum) and there are also three sub-committees;

  • School Improvement Committee
  • Finance, Premises and General Purposes Committee
  • Personnel, Salaries and Performance Management Committee

The sub-committees also meet termly and working parties are set up from time to time to develop particular ideas or in response to specific issues.  We also have a Complaints Committee and an Appeals Committee which convene as and when required.


The Role of the Governing Body

Recent legislation has widened the responsibilities of the Governing Body.  However, the school governors work in  partnership with the Headteacher and staff and are accountable for the strategic direction of the school.  They are closely involved in;

  • Monitoring school standards of performance and improvements
  • Budget management
  • Staffing appointments
  • School aims and policies
  • Safeguarding and Health and Safety compliance
  • Maintenance of school assets
  • Pupil health, inclusion, safety and welfare


Below is a list of members of our current Governing Body 2018/9


Chair - Councillor David Jones c/o Sunny Bank Primary School, Hathaway Road, Bury, BL9 8EQ.


Vice Chair - Mr Alex Martin


Headteacher - Mrs Tracy Bevan


Community Governor - Mr Paul Adams


Staff Governor - Mrs Christine Oldham


Parent Governors - Mr Paul Fearnhead, Mr Alex Martin & Mrs Lubna Umar



Governor Committees

The function and remit of the committees are:

School Improvement: A committee operating under the delegation of the full Governing body to ensure that the school meets the requirements of the national curriculum.  The committee also reviews reports on the implementation of standards in all respects, considers school performance data and reports to the full Governing Body.

Chair = Councillor David Jones


Finance, Premises and General Purposes: A committee operating under the delegation of the full Governing body to ensure that the school budget is set and monitored and meets with the Financial Management Standards in Schools.  The Committee also monitors and reviews; health & safety, fire safety and guidance, safeguarding, asset management and premises, the school's medical policy and the educational/off-site visits policy.

Chair = Mr Paul Adams


Personnel, Salaries and Performance Management:  A committee operating under the delegation of the full Governing body to make arrangements for the interviewing and appointing of staff.  The Committee will also monitor the Performance Management Policy and confirm/agree salary proposals, in addition to monitoring and reviewing various school policies relating to personnel/staffing.

Chair = Councillor David Jones


Complaints: To consider complaints from parents and members of the public in accordance with the Complaints Procedure of the Governing Body.

Chair = Mr Paul Adams


Appeals: To be the final arbiter for matters referred to the committee.

Chair = Vacancy


Full Name Date of Appointment Term of Office



Business or Pecuniary Interests Attendance Record 2018/9 Associate or Full membership Voting Rights
Councillor David Jones 1st September 2018 1 year Bury MBC None declared       100% Full Yes
Mr Paul Adams    24th July 2015 4 years Bury MBC None declared         50% Full Yes
Mr Paul Fearnhead      12th February             2019 4 years Parent Community None declared 100% Full Yes
Mr Alex Martin 5th January 2016 4 years         Parent Community None declared 100% Full Yes
Mrs Christine Oldham 11th October 2018 4 years School Staff None declared          100% Full Yes
Mrs Lubna Umar   1st March 2018      4 years      Parent Community None declared 100% Full Yes