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Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. We hope that you find it helpful and that it answers any queries you may have about our school.

At Sunny Bank Primary we have high expectations of our children in both their learning and their conduct. Every child is encouraged to ‘aim high’ to reach their full potential, academically and socially. I am very proud to be the head teacher of such a wonderful school and to have the opportunity of ensuring that each child receives the best possible start to their education.

Through our school mission statement we aim to provide a supportive and caring environment for all our children built on mutual respect and we place an emphasis on developing positive relationships with parents, carers and the wider community. Visitors to our school often comment on our ‘warm, welcoming and caring ethos.

We have a dedicated, hardworking and experienced staff who provide a safe, calm and caring atmosphere in school and foster a hardworking ethos based on an enjoyment of learning. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis on the basic skills all children need to acquire in order to succeed. Our ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’ is designed to capture children’s imagination and natural curiosity and motivate a desire to learn about the world in which they live. Children enthusiastically use new technologies as tools for learning in the 21st century.

We continually seek the views of parents, carers and visitors to our school as we acknowledge that a healthy partnership is important for the success of our children. We have a very active Parent Association and encourage parents and carers to be involved in all aspects of school life or to discuss any concerns or issues with us. Please call at any time to make a mutually convenient appointment to see either myself, the deputy or any member of staff – we all value discussing any aspect of your child’s education and general welfare.

Our website provides only a snap shot of what makes our school unique. The best way for you to appreciate what we can offer your child is to experience our school for yourselves. Therefore, we extend a warm welcome to new families and invite prospective parents and carers to visit us to get a real feel for our warm, welcoming and caring school.


Tracy Bevan

Head teacher


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Sunny Bank Primary @sunnybankschool

16 Dec @holgate_marilyn will have to lend you the copy mrs h, #askyear5

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16 Dec RT @DeputyMitchell: Looking forward to working with my Reading project leads today!! At last!!! (@ Reading Railway Station (RDG)) https://t…

16 Dec Year Five have been reading Street Child. What will happen to jim now he has fled the Lily? #reading

16 Dec Using Explain Everything to demonstrate how to use a number line

16 Dec Subtraction quiz using Evernote Peek #learning

16 Dec Creating our own QR treasure hunt for the class to answer

16 Dec Using Math Duel for subtraction questions. Can you beat the clock?

16 Dec The dice of delight in year five this morning #maths

5 Dec What numbers do the shapes represent? #mathematics

5 Dec Algebra Grand Prix #learning

5 Dec Algebra this morning for our personalised learning session

5 Dec The countdown to christmas is on #Chritsmas

5 Dec Good morning everyone #HappyFriday

14 Nov Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday 💫

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