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Mrs T Bevan

Head Teacher


Mr G Hubert

Chair of Governors

Sunny Bank Primary @sunnybankschool

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 @year5sunnybank correct, he is speaking about family history and telling your story #makinghistory

28 Feb Agree? @year5sunnybank @sunnybankyear6 http://t.co/DvhcnK3lDp

28 Feb Who do you think you are? Interesting stuff http://t.co/IP7dQiq2kc

28 Feb @year5sunnybank @sunnybankyear6 he also is known for being the voice on the cube?

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 @year5sunnybank currently listening to a man you might recognise from The Dark Knight. He was the commissioner. Who is he?

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 i need more challenge in my questions

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 Here are three equations. ​What are the values of a, b and c? a + b +c = 30, a +b = 24, b + c = 14

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 too good! 5 house points each from me

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 what is the link between the letters and numbers?

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 5U - 10 = U + 46 can they find out the value of U in this equation?

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 what a happy looking bunch, what have they enjoyed about algebra?

28 Feb @sunnybankyear6 hello there, yes having a great day, looking at augmented reality at the moment. Is that algebra I can see being used?

28 Feb @year5sunnybank who can tell me what augmented reality is?

28 Feb @year5sunnybank any ideas on incorporating green screen into our lessons on WW2?

28 Feb 4D technology looks interesting, may have to look the 4D Dome later

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