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Online Safety

The growing use of technology and the access we all now have to the internet has certainly been of benefit, but has also created some potential dangers. With the use of tablet computers, mobile phones and the increased access to social media it is important that schools prepare the children they teach for the potential dangers posed by the use of these technologies. At Sunny Bank Primary School,online safety is not only embedded into our computing curriculum, but also forms an integral part of our Teaching and Learning.


A fundamental part of our school Curriculum is ensuring that the pupils of Sunny Bank Primary are safe. Through our approach we aim to teach pupils how to use the internet safely and securely, so they are able to make informed choices online. We believe that the pupils of Sunny Bank benefit from having experience of, and access to, a range of technologies in order to broaden their understanding.


Online safety is taught in all year groups in order to ensure that our pupils leave us in Year Six equipped to make informed choices that will help keep them safe. We strive to regularly review our polices and teaching to ensure that new and emerging technologies are incorporated into our curriculum.



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