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At Sunny Bank Primary School we provide our children with a wide range of different opportunities to write across the curriculum. Within English lessons children develop the skills to become competent, skilful and fluent writers.

As soon as they begin Reception our children begin learning how to write individual letters and words which they soon include within sentences, lists, labels and captions.

By the end of a Year Two children are able to write their own full texts maintaining the style of text and purpose for writing. They have developed a cursive style of handwriting and are choosing words and vocabulary to interest and engage the reader.

Handwriting is practised formally in short, active and engaging lessons as we follow the 'Pen Pals' scheme.

Within Year Three and Four children consolidate their writing skills, varying sentence types within paragraphing in a way that can be applied to a variety of text types.

By Year Five and Six children have become confident writers who can write in an engaging manner that sustains the interest of the reader and achieves the writing’s purpose.

Handwriting is further developed allowing children to develop a fluent, continuous, cursive style of handwriting.

Teaching of writing focuses on four main elements:

Writing: Handwriting

Writing: Punctuation and Grammar

Writing: Composition

Writing: Spelling


See Sunny Bank Primary School Writing Progression document for more detail


Within the classroom children will experience three types of writing.

Shared writing: During shared writing the teacher models writing with the whole class or small groups drawing contributions and input from the children. This gives the teacher an opportunity to develop 'exemplars of good writing' that children can use within their own writing. Individual pieces of children’s writing may also be used as ‘exemplars’ with the aid of class visualisers.

Guided writing: Guided writing involves the teacher and children engaged in a very specific and detailed instruction. This type of writing allows the teacher to focus on a specific skill that they wish the children to be able to produce independently within their own writing. Children can usually produce more detailed and complex pieces in this lesson than they may be able to than when working independently. Again class visualisers may be used to support this process.



Independent writing: In independent writing children are responsible for producing a piece of work unaided or without guidance. This type of writing provides an opportunity for children to put into practice and demonstrate the processes and strategies that have been taught within English lessons. Scaffolding of the processes and strategies required to successfully complete an independent piece will have occurred prior to the independent piece being completed.


Within English lessons at Sunny Bank, children will experience the different types of writing and three times each half term will write a full independent piece demonstrating the skills that they have been taught. Within our 'Learning Challenge' curriculum children are also given opportunities to write using the range of text types they have been taught. This gives children a real sense of audience and purpose for their writing.



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