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Character Education

At Sunny Bank we believe it is important not only to develop our children to achieve academically but it also our responsibility to help develop children’s characters so they have a mindset that they can achieve what they want to if they put their minds to it, embracing challenge, taking risks, making mistakes and responding to constructive feedback.

Working with the children over a period of time we have developed our own ‘Building Learning Powers.' 


  • Resilience
  • Independent Learners
  • Critical Friend
  • Team worker
  • Self-Manager
  • Effective Participators
  • Critical thinkers 


Sunny Bank's Building Learning Powers


We believe our Building Learning Powers help our children develop learning behaviors that will stand them in good stead whilst they are at our school but also as they move to the next stage in their education and even beyond into the world of work. 

During the course of each term our children self assess themselves against the Building Learning Powers as do the class teachers. The statements are then used to guide discussions at our termly Parents' Evenings. 


BLP Mentoring Sheet 2019 - 2020