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Our uniform is smart, practical and popular. It comprises a royal blue sweatshirt, a white T-shirt and a reversible shower-proof fleece jacket. Garments carry the school logo and are obtainable online from Gooddies. School ties are available from the school office. Other items are readily available at various local stores  and supermarkets.




White shirt

School royal blue sweatshirt

Blue/ grey striped tie

School fleece jacket - optional 

Grey trousers or shorts

Black or grey socks

Black traditional-style school shoes




White shirt/blouse

School royal blue sweatshirt

School royal blue cardigan

Blue/ grey striped tie

School fleece jacket - optional

Grey pinafore dress/grey skirt or tailored school-style trousers in grey or black

Summer dress in blue gingham

Black, grey or white socks

Black traditional-style school shoes


When buying items of clothing, please spare a thought for our Early Years and Key Stage One teachers faced with the prospect of fastening shoe laces and doing up hundreds of buttons. We love Velcro!

Please label all items of uniform with your child's full name.




Children need a change of clothing for P.E. and games lessons.  Your child will need black pumps for indoor sessions and black trainers for outdoor sports.  A white T-shirt and black shorts are also required for PE sessions. A dark/navy/black plain (non-logo) tracksuit may be worn outdoors.


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