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Forest School 

 At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling





   At Sunny Bank Primary School we aim to provide positive, memorable experiences in the       outdoors. These experiences provide opportunities for learners to explore, collaborate, take     and manage risks, problem solve, communicate and reflect in order to help build their             confidence, resilience and independence.

  •    We believe that children learn best from first hand experiences so we aim to achieve this       through our Forest School.
  •    Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to         achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences       in a woodland or natural environment.

   Forest School activities offer children the chance to learn through exploration-based                 learning that encourages enquiry and imagination. Our Forest school ethos mirrors the           school aims. Respect being the underlying principle.


                                                                                                                      We respect ourselves

                                                                                                             We respect other people

                                                                                                             We respect our environment


The children are in a safe environment where they can succeed, create and use English and maths skills without them even realising it! Through exploration and discovery the children are able to enjoy and self-initiate their own learning.

In Forest School children are able to take calculated risks in a controlled environment. They learn cause and effect and what may or could happen. They are given the opportunity and responsibility under supervision, to use tools and help be part of a team, creating a fire to keep them warm and cook food. Equality, achievement and self-belief help children to return to the classroom feeling that they can accomplish and succeed in what they do. Every child is valued, and their input is vital; we work as a team and they are able to respect and treat each other fairly and as equals.


A child wants to build a shelter but is struggling to figure out the best way. A leader models and coaches the child through the process, teaching specific skills e.g. knot tying.

So What?

  • So when the shelter is built, the child has a visible, tangible object they have created.

So What?

  • So they can see and take pride in the physical evidence of a piece of their own? 

So What?

  • So they can do it again next time

So What?

  • Thus demonstrating an increase in self-confidence in their own ability

So what?

  • They become the expert!!  

This ethos creates learning communities where deep-level learning and progression are the norm.


What else have we achieved over the last few year?


 Sunny Bank is Gold!


Forest School is all my daughter talks about

It's the highlight of the week, she gets her things ready two days in advance - can we have more?

My child has grown in confidence

Bear Grylls at Sunny Bank!

He has learnt back to basics outdoor skills and that life's not all about X-Boxes and IT

Forest School teaches basic life skills that every child should have the opportunity to learn

My child has gained an interest and respect for nature. She now loves being outdoors!