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                                                        Miss Slinger - Class Teacher     

 Welcome back, I hope that you enjoyed the Christmas break and had a lovely New Year.  We have another exciting term ahead of us in Year 1, below are the teaching and learning experiences for our term ahead.


During the Spring term we will be reading and exploring a range of stories with familiar settings, drawing on key narrative language. During the first half term we will be reading and exploring the ‘Traction man’ books linking to our topic. The children will be creating their own ending to the story by focusing on narrative features and story build up. The children will also be reading a range of poems based on toys and will be performing these poems and writing their own simple list poems. We will also be focusing on writing instructions to explain how we made our toys.

During the second half of the term we will be reading and exploring the traditional tale; ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children will be retelling the story and writing their own version of the tale with different characters and settings. We will also be focusing on recount writing this term based on an experience or event and will be writing these in chronological order. The children will also be reading alternative versions of these traditional tales from a viewpoint of another character. The children will be continuing to develop their skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as their handwriting and letter formation. Please support your child at home by listening to them read regularly and by ensuing that they practice their spellings weekly.


A lot of the work during this upcoming term will be based on number and place value and mental mathematics, the children will be developing their skills when adding and subtracting numbers and using related number facts to solve these. We will also be looking at length and height where we will compare, describe and solve practical problems as well as measuring and recording. Additionally, we will be learning to tell the time to the nearest hour and half an hour using digital and analogue clocks.

During the second part of the term a great emphasis will also be placed on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and introducing these as timetables.  The children will be learning about doubling and halving numbers and quantities and will also be finding fractions of shapes and quantities including quarter, half and whole. We will continue to develop our mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills.


During the first half term we will be continuing our work on Seasonal Changes. Our learning challenge for this topic is:

‘Why does It get darker earlier in Winter­?’

The children will be observing the changes that occur across the four seasons and describing the weather that is associated with each season and how day length varies. We will be observing and recording the amount of rainfall over this half term and will record the results in a table and create graphs with the data.

During the second part of the term we will be answering the learning challenge question:

‘Which materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?’

This involves us learning about everyday materials, the children will be learning about the names and properties of these materials in order to be able to compare and group them to test which would be most suited to different structures. The children will also have the opportunity to design and create models using some of the everyday materials they will be learning about.


Our topic focus for this half term will be based around the history of toys. Our learning challenge question for this topic is:

‘Why is the Wii more fun than Grandma’s and Grandad’s old toys?’

We will begin by learning about what sort of toys people would have played with in the past and the changes that have occurred since then. The children will be planning, designing and creating their own moving toy. We will also be creating and performing dances related to toys coming to life. Finally, we will be having a game session where we will be inviting a couple of grandparents into school to play with our toys and discuss what toys were like when they were younger.

Our topic for Spring 2 will be Science based on everyday materials- see above.


Timetable for useful information


Spellings will be sent home


RE and French with Mrs Rogan


Commando Joe’s - Outdoor PE kit


PE - indoor PE kit


Spelling test

Mathletics and Spellodrome activities allocated online

Our Learning Challenge topics


Spring 1: ‘Why is the Wii more fun than Grandma’s and Grandad’s old toys?

Spring 2: Which materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?


Spring 1: Why does it get darker earlier in winter­?

Spring 2: Which materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?


Class Assemblies

Our class assemblies will be on Friday 26th January at 9am and Friday 8th June at 9am, you are welcome to join us in class afterwards until 10:30am.


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