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Miss Slinger - Class Teacher    


Welcome back, I hope that you enjoyed the Easter break. We have another exciting term ahead of us in Year 1, below are the teaching and learning experiences for our term ahead.



During the Summer term we will be reading and exploring a range of stories with familiar settings, drawing on key narrative language. During the first half term we will be reading and exploring the book ‘The Naughty Bus’ linking to our topic. The children will be writing information texts about different vehicles and will be creating their own ending to the story by focusing on narrative features and story build up. The children will also be reading a range of poems and will be performing these poems and writing their own simple list poems.

During the second half of the term we will be reading and exploring the traditional tale; ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The children will be retelling the story and writing their own version of the tale with different characters and settings. We will also be focusing on recount writing this term based on an experience or event and will be writing these in chronological order. The children will also be reading alternative versions of these traditional tales from a viewpoint of another character. The children will be continuing to develop their skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as their handwriting and letter formation. Please support your child at home by listening to them read regularly and by ensuing that they practice their spellings weekly.



A lot of the upcoming work during this term will be based on place value within 100. We will be identifying and representing numbers using objects and pictorial representations and continue to work on counting forwards and backwards from any given number. The children will also be developing their skills with the four operations (+ - x and ÷) reading, writing and interpreting these equations whilst also solving one step problems using concrete objects, pictorial representations and missing number problems. Additionally, during our measurement work we will be learning about money; recognising coins, identifying the value of each coin and making amounts. Whilst learning about weight and volume we will be focusing on comparing and measuring mass and capacity. We will continue to develop our oral and written mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills.



During the Summer term our work on in Science will be based on Plants. Our learning challenge for is:

‘Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our park?’

We will be learning about common wild and garden plants and will be identifying and describing what these look like. We will also be looking at deciduous and evergreen trees. The children will be planting their own seeds and looking at the changes that occur over time and what a seed needs to grow.  We will also be predicting and investigating what happens when you take away something that a plant needs to grow. Furthermore, we will be looking at the nature and wild life in our local area around school and investigating what we can do to attract birds and insects to our school. We will continue to develop our scientific enquiry skills.



Our topic focus for this half term will be based on the local area and transport. Our learning challenge question for this topic is:

‘Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?’

This topic is based upon History and Geography. We will be exploring and comparing how Bury has changed since our Grandparents were little and how transport has evolved over the past 100 years. During our Geography sessions we will be learning about the countries that make up the United Kingdom, researching information about some of the main towns and cities in England and locating these on a map. We will also be exploring the key features associated within a city, town and village.


Our topic for the second half of the Summer term is:

Who am I what’s my X factor?’

This topic is based around the children’s own history. We will focus on what is special about them and their families. The children will be creating timelines of their life so far and comparing what they can do now that they couldn’t do five years ago. We will also be focusing on the future and what the children would like to do when they grow up. We will be inviting parents/ carers into school to ask them questions about their careers.



Timetable for useful information


Spellings will be sent home


RE and French with Mrs Rogan


Commando Joe’s - Outdoor PE kit


PE - indoor PE kit


Spelling test

Mathletics and Spellodrome activities allocated online

Forest School with Miss Luttrell- kit needed.

Our Learning Challenge topics


Summer 1- Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?

Summer 2- Who am I what’s my X factor?



Summer 1- Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our park?

Summer 2- Which birds and plants would Little Red Riding Hood find in our park?


Class Assemblies

Our class assembly will be on Friday 8th June at 9am, you are welcome to join us in class afterwards until 10:30am.


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