At Sunny Bank Primary School we believe that English is a vital way of communicating within school, the wider community, future public life and even internationally. In studying English, pupils develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing for a wide range of audiences and purposes.It enables them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others effectively. English, therefore, is central to the work at our school and it is the most important means by which learning takes place.

Our aim in the teaching of English is that all children will:

  • Develop the necessary skills to use the English language confidently.
  • Be able to speak clearly, fluently and audibly in ways which take account of their listeners.
  • Be able to listen to the spoken word attentively with understanding, pleasure and empathy in order to identify the main points they have heard.
  • Be able to adapt their speech to a wide range of circumstances and demands.
  • Be able to read a range of texts fluently and with understanding for enjoyment and for information through an appropriate focus on word, sentence and text level knowledge.
  • Develop into confident, independent readers through contact with challenging and ever increasing lengthy texts.
  • Be encouraged to become enthusiastic readers with a love of reading.
  • Enjoy writing and recognise its value.
  • Be able to write effectively for a range of audiences and purposes using spelling, punctuation and syntax accurately and confidently.
  • Be able to reflect and evaluate on own and others’ contribution and the language used.
  • Be able to increase their ability to use planning, drafting and editing to improve their work.

For further detail on our approaches to Phonics, Reading and Writing please see the appropriate section within the Curriculum section of this website.